Aluminum Alloy Heat Treatment

Aging is a process used for a range of metals to alter the properties of the material being treated, sometimes to increase strength and hardness, and other times to improve formability in the case of over-aging. Because aging is generally conducted at lower temperatures, temperature uniformity and precise heating and cooling rates can be critical. Thus the name Aging Furnaces.
Aging treatment: a heat treatment process refers to the alloy workpiece after solution treatment, cold plastic deformation or casting, forging, put in at a higher temperature or room temperature, so that its performance, shape, size changes over time.

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Jiangsu Kuanki Industry & Technological Co., Ltd. is located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China's heat treatment industry base. It focuses on the design, manufacture and research and application of various conventional and non-standard heat treatment industrial furnaces. The company has a professional research and development, design, manufacturing, sales as one of the technical team, the development of a variety of new industrial electric furnace. The quality of the products is advanced.

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The main products of our factory are Research and manufacturing of annealing furnace, tempering furnace, quenching furnace, melting furnace, vacuum furnace, furnace, carburizing, nitriding furnace, baking furnace, experimental furnace, salt bath furnace, protective atmosphere furnace, magnesium alloy production line, manganese ore roasting production line and other types of products, and according to the heat processing equipment and automatic heat treatment production line user requirements design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard. Hundreds of specifications, with high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and other characteristics.