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How to select heat treatment processing equipment

1, according to the requirements of the heat treatment process requirements or parts technology choices: such as conditioning treatment, annealing, normalizing can choose ordinary heat treatment furnace, if require carburizing, nitriding, nitriding furnace, carburizing furnace, if choose surface oxidation decarburization strict controlled atmosphere furnace, vacuum furnace, if required surface quenching medium frequency, high frequency quenching equipment choice, and so on.

2, Selection according to cost: ordinary box-type furnace and well-type furnace generally have low cost, while vacuum furnace, salt bath furnace and controllable atmosphere furnace have high cost, which can be selected according to the price given.

3, according to the shape of parts to choose: long pole type choose well furnace, disc type choose box furnace, small pieces choose mesh belt furnace and so on.

4, according to the processing of parts batch selection, batch large selection continuous furnace, such as mesh belt furnace, roller bottom furnace, batch small selection cycle furnace.

5, according to the size of the processed parts size selection: large size of the choice of large power stove, small size of the choice of small power stove.

6, according to customer requirements to choose: sometimes customers require a specific furnace for heat treatment, such as special requirements for salt bath furnace heat treatment, you have to choose the salt bath furnace, special requirements for vacuum furnace, you have to choose the vacuum furnace, but not other types of heat treatment furnace.