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The difference between a melting furnace and a melting furnace

High frequency induction heating: current frequency in 100 ~ 500 kHz (kHz), suitable for smelting 1-5 kg of precious metals, fast, cheap, small size, small footprint.
Effective hardening depth is 0.5 ~ 2 mm (mm), mainly used for medium and small parts, such as small modulus gear, small and medium shaft, etc.
Medium frequency induction heating: current frequency in 500 ~ 10000 Hz, melting 5 kg -60 tons of various metals, with fast speed, high efficiency characteristics.
Large size, mature technology, large output power, small failure rate.
Effective hardening depth is 2 ~ 10 mm (mm), mainly used for parts requiring deep hardening layer, such as gear with medium modulus, gear with large modulus, shaft with large diameter, etc.
There is a difference in thickness.